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A: For usually hose pump, the max. output is 1.5MPa(15Bar), but for Gaode peristaltic hose pump, the working pressure from 0.6-3 Mpa (6-30Bar) for option.

A:Hose pump also be called peristaltic pump, squeeze pump etc.

A:More information is needed before answering this correctly. Shotcrete will stick to strand board, but you need some type of reinforcement (wire mesh) to hold it all together.

A:There are many textures that can be applied to the finish surface of the shotcrete. The least expensive is the natural nozzle finish which is rough and tends to absorb light as opposed to reflecting light and standing out. On the other extreme is carved and stained simulated rock as found in zoos and amusement parks. Stamping or rolling also creates a great finish.

A:There are two ways to insulate the outside of concrete spas. The first way is to shotcrete the spa and then glue Styrofoam to the outside of the concrete shell or to spray the insulated foam to the outside surface. The second way is to use the ICF (insulated concrete form).

A:On large swimming pools, it is not unusual to have joints that are left over a weekend or longer. The key is the means by which the joint is dealt with. As with any concrete joint, the surface needs to be clean and free of laitance or other contamination.

A:Shotcrete is pneumatically applied concrete. All surface prep work for concrete will be the same for shotcrete applications. Before a recommendation can be made, is this tank going to be painted on the outside or the inside?

A:In many experiences, the spacing and design of the joints are the same as you would expect for a cast in place wall. Walls have been constructed with no joint, with contraction and expansion joints, with a joint that is caulked, with joints containing waterstop, and just about anything else you might see in a cast in place wall.

A:Thicknesses depend on the structure and surface (surface prep is the key to proper bonding of shotcrete) the shotcrete is being applied to. Depending on the application 1/4 flash coat to 1 inch thickness can be the minimum.

A:Basically, shotcrete is a method of placing concrete that does not require forms. As a matter of fact, shotcrete requires the concrete mix to be proper every time. With formed concrete walls, the ready mixed concrete going in can be substandard and still appear to be okay. Shotcrete also provides a more dense concrete less susceptible to water penetration.

A:Shotcrete is a method of building a structure using a concrete mixture. A shotcrete mixture likely would exceed the compressive strength of most mixtures used for placed walls because the application of shotcrete requires a much lower water-cementitious material ratio than commonly found in residential wall mixtures.

A:Shotcrete is an all-inclusive term to describe the spraying of concrete or mortar that may be accomplished through either a dry- or wet-mix process. Gunite refers only to the dry-mix process in which the dry cementitious mixture is blown through a hose to the nozzle, where the water is injected immediately prior to application.

A:Electric motor or diesel engine? If electric motor, please let me know your local voltage, in China, it is 3phase,380V,50Hz.

A:For output, now our hydraulic power pack range is from 0-30L/min to 0-68L/min.

A:For drilling rig, grouting pump, or other machinery?

A:the guarantee period of hydroseeding machine is one year count from one month after shipping date except wearing parts. We will send some wearing parts of machine and diesel engine when delivery.

A:the diesel engine brand about hydroseeding machine.Usually we adopt Dongfanghong or Huangfeng diesel which is famous in China, we also can supply Cummins diesel and Deutz diesel.

A:For example, in Zhengzhou city. Our slope soil is usually sandy soil, the ratio of water,soil, rice husk is 1:1.5-2.5:1, if soil is clay, it need to reduce the ratio of soil. 6m3 tank need add water-preserving agent and adhesive 0.5-3kg per tank, grass seed will add 20-30kg per tank.

A:No problem, our factory is manufacturing and selling hydro seeder many years in China, there are good cooperator of grass seed supplier.

A:Our thicker hydroseeding machine max.horizontal conveying distance is 650m, max. vertical conveying distance is 160m.

A:For our PB series hydro seeder, its maximum of the slope angle is 60°, if it is larger than 60°, it is better to choose our KP series thicker hydro seeder.

A:For slope greening, golf course, lawn or other landscape projects.

A:Yes, of course, we can customize all kinds of voltage motor to meet customers requirement about foam concrete machine.

A:Curing of the Bricks / Blocks can be done by either Water Curing for 2 to 3 weeks or by Steam Curing for 8 Hours.

A:Foam concrete Densities range of CLC would be between 400 ~ 1500 kg/m3 which are used for various applications.

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